Tucker and Rosie

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August 17, 2023

Tucker and Rosie

This project involves the redevelopment of a WordPress blog website, encompassing a comprehensive range of features, functionalities, and meticulous mobile optimization. The site is dedicated to Fran Murr, a cherished grandmother (known as Granny Franny), a sister, an aunt, and a friend. The website includes dedicated sections about Fran Murr, offering insights into her biography, personal history, and her beloved doodles. The Contact page is equipped with a form and an interactive map for seamless communication.

In her previous professional role, Fran Murr was a CPA, contributing her expertise to the Hospitality Accounting Industry. The blog promises readers an authentic window into the life of a retired single woman, navigating her days alongside two therapy dogs, six kids (comprising her own three and their spouses), and six grandkids, along with two grand dogs and a circle of close friends. The content will not merely be a veneer of beauty; it will be imbued with authenticity.

Tucker and Rosie, the two delightful and pampered doodles, hold a significant place in this narrative. Rosie's remarkable achievement of earning her Canine Good Citizen award at a tender 9 months of age is a testament to her admirable temperament and her subsequent contributions to therapy work. On the other hand, Tucker is a Saint Berdoodle, embodying the blend of Saint Bernard and Poodle traits.

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