AMPRO CMMS Applications

August 15, 2023

AMPRO CMMS Applications

AMPRO stands as a prominent player in the realm of Asset Management and Maintenance Software. Acknowledging the imperative of a rejuvenated online identity, we assumed the responsibility of revamping and constructing their website through the WordPress platform. Our primary objective centered on proficiently showcasing the company's suite of services and impressive portfolio with an air of professionalism.

By adhering to a Mobile-first strategy, we ensured the website's impeccable functionality across diverse devices and screens, encompassing mobiles, iPads, and desktops. Our website's design took into account the tenets of SEO, optimizing its visibility across search engines. Tailoring our development journey to match the precise stipulations and functionalities delineated by AMPRO became our guiding principle.

The landing page seamlessly encapsulates the company's spectrum of services via a concise introduction, an interactive slider, an enlightening video, and a comprehensive FAQ section. Further bolstering credibility, an array of esteemed clientele lends assurance of the company's reliability.

Venturing deeper, the website boasts an extensive array of more than 40 pages, each elaborating on distinct facets of the company's service repertoire. These pages offer comprehensive elucidations and address commonly posed queries to deliver an exhaustive understanding to visitors. Furthermore, custom-built forms have been seamlessly woven in to smoothen client interactions, enabling swift query submission and prompt response reception.

In order to keep patrons well-informed, a dedicated news section has been seamlessly integrated to communicate pivotal announcements. Additionally, the incorporation of Google Map functionality enhances accessibility to the company's physical location.

The overhauled website now aptly mirrors AMPRO's eminence as a frontrunner in the industry, expertly exhibiting their offerings and nurturing valuable client engagement.

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