Carports Anywhere

Carports Anywhere

August 17, 2023

Carports Anywhere

We executed a comprehensive web design and development solution for this client, aimed at showcasing their business products and services in a user-friendly and self-explanatory manner. Their primary offering revolves around custom carports with varying roof styles, colors, and materials tailored to client orders.

To ensure a seamless user experience, we integrated these customizable options, enabling users to easily select their preferences. Our design encompassed all aspects of the website, and we seamlessly incorporated workshop videos that provide insights into their process.

A significant aspect of the website is the showcase of their completed projects, essentially a gallery displaying images of buildings adorned with stunning carports, each constructed with different materials and styles. To facilitate communication, we included a 'Contact Us' form to gather client messages and inquiries.

In addition, we featured their brand dealers across different locations through an interactive map with pinned locations, along with detailed dealer addresses presented in a directory-style listing.

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